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Employment Contract (Part Time)

Employment Contract (Part Time)
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 15 Min

This Employment Agreement should be used when employing someone on a part time basis under a simple common law employment agreement.

In addition to contractual duties, an employee owes a duty of fidelity and good faith to his/her employer as well as "certain duties of confidentiality". These duties however end on cessation of employment. Without restrictive covenants/restraing of trade agreements in place prior to the employee leaving, as provided for in this document, an employee may compete with his/her former employer after the employment has ended.

This Contract contains the following clauses:

1. Engagement
2. Salary/Wages
3. Operation
4. Hours Of Work
5. Employee’s Obligations
6. Annual Leave
7. Personal Leave
8. Long Service Leave
9. Expenses
10. Confidentiality And Trust
11. Transmission Of The Employer’s Business
12. Termination Of Employment
13. Independent Legal Advice
* Some of these clauses may or may not be optional to include in the contract.

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