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Confidentiality Agreement: General

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This is a general confidentiality agreement designed to protect confidential information, trade secrets and expertise (know-how) from being misused by those to whom such information will be or has been disclosed. It may be appropriate for use when the Discloser (either a company or an individual) proposes to disclose to an individual (the Recipient). Please note that it does not include an indemnity from the Recipient covering loss and/or damage to the Discloser in the event of breach of the agreement.

If each person is going to disclose and receive confidential information, then our Confidentiality Agreement: Mutual may be more appropriate.

If the confidential information is going to be provided to someone who is part of or who represents a company or group of companies, our Confidentiality Agreement: You are the Discloser may be more appropriate.

If the person providing the Confidentiality Agreement is going to be the Recipient of confidential information, then our Confidentiality Agreement: You are the Recipient may be more appropriate.

This agreement includes the following provisions:

1. Definitions, including broad coverage for "confidential Information"
2. General interpretation clauses
3. Consideration and Disclosure
4. Promise not to disclose
5. Information in the Public Domain
6. No rights to disclosed information
7. Limitation on copying
8. Termination and effect on termination
9. Enforcement of agreement; rights and entitlements
10. General matters including any amendment to be in writing
11. No assignment or transfer by one party without prior written consent of the other party
12. Governing law

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