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Confidentiality Agreement: Mutual

Confidentiality Agreement: Mutual
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 10 Min

This Mutual Confidentiality Agreement is suitable where 2 parties, each with commercial confidential information, propose to disclose such information to each other with a view to evaluating the prospects of a formal business venture, possibly a joint venture. The document sets out mutual undertakings and obligations, that is, where each party may be a Discloser and Recipient of sensitive information.

This mutual confidentiality agreement provides that either party may be a company or an individual.

The document includes the option of giving the pre-venture Project a "code name" for extra security of confidentiality. A Project code name may be appropriate where external advisers may be retained to give professional advice.

The Agreement is drafted to the effect that its terms survive until any Joint Venture or similar agreement is executed or until either party terminates when the project is not proceeding.

This Agreement includes the following provisions:

1. Definitions, including an extensive coverage for Confidential Information
2. General interpretation clauses
3. Permitted uses, requests, disclosure and confidentiality
4. Promises not to disclose
5. Information in the Public Domain
6. No interest in disclosed information
7. Limitation on copying
8. Breach and indemnity
9. Termination and effect of termination
10. Rights to enforce the Agreement
11. Governing law
12. General provisions
13. Schedule setting out Purpose for the Agreement and each party's gatekeeper of information.

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