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Termination of Employment (Full Time & Part Time)

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This Termination of Employment document is essential in every circumstance where an employee's employment is being terminated from Full-Time or Part-Time employment. If you are terminating an employee you should always provide them with a written termination notice recording the reasons for termination. This can be of vital importance if there is a claim brought by a former employee for unlawful termination. A copy of this form should be kept on the employee's file as well as in your general employment records.

When terminating an Employee you must be able to:

  • Clearly set out in the termination notice the reasons for termination.
  • Ensure your notice of termination gives the required period of notice.
  • Ensure all termination payments and any compensation (if any) is also paid.
  • If an employee is terminated for misconduct, show that it is unreasonable that you should continue the employee's employment.
  • Follow the procedures for termination of services set out in the Labour Relations Act, 66 0f 1995, in the Code of Good Practice, in Schedule 8

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